Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On man and metal

After enduring the first part of SciFi Channel's Tin Man on Sunday night, I wanted to learn more about how a station seemingly so great about supporting good shows (hello? Firefly? Battlestar Galactica? MST3K?) could fail so miserably.

After a Google search (for the grammatically challenged, Google is a proper name and should be capitalized) of "Tin Man," I learned they meant for the show to be totally off-kilter from really having anything to do with The Wizard of Oz. I also learned that "man tin" is available just in time for the holidays. If "man tin" is what you're after, Google (again, notice the capitalization) advertisements will let you know how to find it-- for less!

So the proper people can pick out tin (for less!) to fix L. Frank Baum's coffin after Tin Man makes him roll over several times.


dolt said...

Here comes the nitpick. It is now also a verb.


Holly said...

Dolt: Thank you for the nitpick, however, this is one of those newer dictionary entries that varies on the resource. If you go by Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English, you are correct, this is not a capitalized term. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language makes mention that Google used as a verb is capitalized.

Just like astrological charts, where I'm a Scorpio on some, Sagittarius on others. ;)

AmandaStretch said...

I had such high hopes for this show too. I do think I'll finish the series, as I don't have much else to do right now. But it's just not quite where it could be. Interesting, but not quite good enough. Oh well.

dolt said...

You are correct in your assessment of the current state of affairs. Language is a living thing. It grows and changes. The dominant agents of change are `early teen females'. Barring numerous trademark infringement lawsuits by Gooogle®; google, googled, and googling will be commonly accepted. So go ask members of future authority. Don't be put off by the giggling. :-D

I could be wrong. Frequently that proves to be the case.

H said...

Hi Holly, I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. We really miss you on the radio! I was disappointed with Tin Man as well, which is saying a lot since the main reason I watched it in the first place is because I have a nerd crush on Zoe Deschanel. I ran across an amazing show that same night called “Dexter”. It’s a show I can’t tell if I love or hate, so I’d say its worth checking out if you haven’t…A serial killer who kills serial killers…genius.

Holly said...

Stretch: You're more patient to stick with the show than I was.

Dolt: Yeah, because "early teen males" never coined a phrase or two?!? In fact, I would be embarrassed to type some of the things I heard from boys in 7th grade!

H: Thank you!!! I'll have to check out "Dexter." I've heard of it, but have never watched it. I just hate to get into ANOTHER show with this writer strike going on!!

dolt said...

Holly: Visit here because I enjoy the clever turn of phrase, and quit wits.

My edumacation is decades back in the rear view mirror.

From what what I remember who coins the term has little to do with which neologisms creep into common usage. Unfortunately some young ladies who take them into their vernacular are all too soon teaching it to the next generation.

Thought I was getting better at shutting the hell up.
Not . So . Much .