Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It sucks at S'bux

Quickly, while I let my brain take a minute to process all the writing I've done today, I have to mention I'm increasingly irritated with Starbucks.

Not only do they have more money than God, baby Jesus, and Michael Eisner, but now they've really overstepped their bounds. I'm talking about anonymity-- mine to be exact. I don't like giving my name with each order so they can call it out when it's ready. I don't like it when strangers use my name. It goes back to all those old, elementary school "Stranger Danger" videos they'd show in health.

What's more, why is it necessary for Starbucks to ask for my name when I'm in the drive-up? They can only get to one order at a time, there's only room for one vehicle at the window, it's not like they're going to call it out. This is about as well thought-out as having braille on the driver's side ATM.

I want to give Starbucks a fake name. I want them to shout out "Amanda Huggenkiss! I've got coffee for Amanda Huggenkiss!" It will never happen. My fake name wouldn't match the name I've got on my debit card, and then I'd go to jail for credit fraud or something. All because Starbucks wants to mess with the system. One more reason to patronize locally-owned coffee shops-- the people who call out your name are friends.


urban princess said...

There was a story on Popcandy a while ago about the names people give at S'bux. I am almost never asked for my name at the location on 7th and 4th, but when I am I always give a fake name, "Scarlet". They don't seem to mind, they usually laugh.

Anonymous said...

My buddy (whose name I'll refrain from using given the nature of this post) owns and operates the Grounds for Coffee on 2000 East 3300 South. Not only is his coffee better, but the money you spend there stays local, (or at least as local as it can when you're dealing with an internationally grown product), and the music is better.