Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Infamous Shirt

So, this shirt isn't really a big deal but I thought it was cute and that's why I got it. We talked on the show today about this woman I work with who commented on this shirt the day I wore it a couple of weeks ago, telling me "that shirt is so cute." She then showed up to work about a week or so later wearing THE SAME SHIRT as me. I said, "Wow, that looks familiar." To which she replied, "Yeah, after I got it I thought it looked like yours."

My question was "is that weird?" I'm not saying that nobody else on the planet can have my same shirt. I just think it's strange that you'd buy the same shirt as someone KNOWING a co-worker had it, and then WEARING it to work. If you liked it enough that you had to have it, wouldn't you maybe just avoid wearing it around the person who's body on which you saw the shirt in the first place?

So, here's the shirt... just a cheapie t-shirt, but I'm going to use it for either a car towel or jewelry-polishing cloth. Just a quickie picture taken with my Verizon Wireless camera phone, but I had to show what it looked like since I'm not wearing it again.