Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dancing With the Stars?!?

John and Charlotte were robbed! Robbed of the win!! Having danced, and competed in, ballroom, Kelly and Alec did NOT deserve to win. Granted, she worked hard, however, their final number did NOT merit a perfect score. When she is not being led, she can't remember steps, and her final "lift" was atrocious when she slipped and landed on her knees. Her footwork was sub-par, and John had the much more difficult role in having to lead the dances, never having led them before.

WHAT were the judges watching? My mom and I agree we won't watch future seasons of "Dancing with the Stars." And we're serious about that. (Okay, so I'll probably end up watching, but my mom won't!) I'm very passionate about ballroom.

Here's to John and Charlotte who really won but got screwed! Screwed with the Stars!!