Monday, August 01, 2005

Where is the Love?

Okay, so obviously Fergie didn't pee. I have pants that do this!! I dread having pants that do this! I wore some cute, cotton Aberbcrombie pants last summer to a remote, and it was hot, and any sweat looks like a little bit of pee. In fact, I believe our remote tech accused me of peeing but I am grown up enough, as is Fergie, to know when to use the bathroom. I have not worn the pants since, even though they're great for summer. I have some new pants from Old Navy that I suspect will be the same way when worn if it's too hot out, I haven't tried to find out.

I feel for you, girl! You sing out loud and proud!!
Remember 97.1 ZHT is presenting Gwen Stefani along with the Black Eyed Peas October 25th... get your thin cotton pants ready right now!!