Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moby Concert Picts

These were taken with my Verizon Wireless cameraphone at the Moby concert a few weeks ago at "In the Venue" (a private club for members) during the song "Porcelain."

A guy I was dating and I went to see Moby because I absolutely love Moby. When we walked in, there was this kind of small, bald guy standing at the sound board with his arms folded, listening to the opening group. When Moby started, I peeked around the corner from our table, and it turns out it was him, just hanging out before the show. I was extremely excited to see this concert with this particular man because some of the songs reminded me of him.

Since the concert, he's broken it off with me, deciding he, "Just wants to be friends." (So much for the persuasive powers of free tickets and me in a hot shirt, whatever.)

I'm heartbroken, but I still absolutely love Moby.