Wednesday, May 25, 2005

American Idol Winner!!!

Carrie Underwood crowned 'American Idol'

May. 26, 2005 - Country singer Carrie Underwood was crowned "American Idol" on Wednesday at the end of a nationwide search for a new pop star that has captivated much of the nation.

Underwood, 22, who was raised on an Oklahoma farm, beat fellow finalist Bo Bice, 29, to win the top-rated televised singing contest that was decided by votes sent in by the public via telephone and text message.

"Thank you America!" said Underwood, fighting back tears.

So, I'm glad about this. It took me awhile to warm up to Carrie, but after Tuesday night's final singing I thought she was great. If hotties Constantine and Anthony Federov couldn't win, then I'm all for girl power and Carrie!!! Carrie will have some staying power, and I see her very much as the same kind of personality as Kelly Clarkson-- marketable. So far, Kelly Clarkson has had more success than any other Idol winner, and I was beginning to wonder if becoming a runner-up might be better for one's career. (i.e. Kimberly Locke and Clay Aiken) To win Idol seems hit and miss, not a guaranteed success, and Carrie Underwood has some staying power even beyond the season when the voting is closed.

American Idol will continue, for those wondering, auditions begin at the end of summer. If you think you can hack it, keep up with the Official Idol Web Site which will probably post audition information soon. Oh, and the 4th Season Idol finalists will be here in concert August 26... heeelllooooo Constantine?!?