Sunday, April 11, 2010

Salsa Brava Live at the Zephyr, November 1993

I hit the mother lode of nostalgia boxes today after I had lunch with my mom. Twenty years of my dad's music on cassette tape; latin, jazz, fusion, experimental stuff. Today I found hundreds of cassettes, and all of the recordings contain my dad's saxophone playing in various bands from 1980 to 2001.

My plan is to digitize all of them so they will never fade away. Tonight I started with a recording of Salsa Brava taken live at the Zephyr Club in Salt Lake City in November of 1993. I always said it's hard to be sad when you're listening to great Latin music, that is, unless you're feeling extremely nostalgic.

You can hear one of my favorite merengues, Enamorar, by clicking the link here or the play button below.


KJ Braithwaite said...

Ahhh, thanks Holly for posting this. Was great to hear Steve's sax and arrangements burning with that band. Would love to hear some of the other stuff when you get it sorted out. Cheers to you!
Kay Braithwaite

Anonymous said...

Awesome project, but remember that analog tape actually persists longer than content ripped to CD. Archival cloud storage is your best bet for "digital forever".

Mr Lionman said...

I miss the Zephyr and Salsa Brava. 'Lionman'