Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A few random thoughts...

Every once in awhile, I do a post with random thoughts. Actually, every post is pretty random, but rather than a specific story about something, here are some things that have been kicking around in my head.

1. Gold's Gym needs to have some kind of an edit button on their televisions that disallows food commercials from playing to people working out. I don't want to be sweating my figurative balls off on a treadmill while watching that Honda CR-V commercial that turns cookie dough into an SUV. I don't want to see people eating Wendy's hand-twirled shakes. Papa John's pizza commercials that pop up at the gym are also evil. To that turn, I don't want to walk outside and smell greasy restaurant food from Fiddler's Elbow, Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta or Pei Wei. It's just plain mean.

2. Making a grilled cheese sandwich on the stove with buttery-flavored spray, 45-calorie wheat bread and fat-free cheese is nearly as satisfying as using the full octane ingredients. I have also discovered fake eggs in a milk carton-like container are great for a quick omelette. Throw in some Laughing Cow cheese and it's a party in every breakfast. Almost.

3. It's June 11 and I just had the heat on. I also wore my favorite cashmere sweater to work today. Global. Warming. My. Ass.

4. Vote for Gev on So You Think You Can Dance tonight.

5. I found a glorious recipe for fake breaded chicken fingers that are easy, yummy and low calorie. God bless the Hungry Girl Web site. Check out the chicken fingers recipe here and then buy the book for more ideas. I have to warn you that the low cal alfredo, however, isn't as satisfying. All of the ingredients globbed into a giant low-cal parmesean ball, rendering it inedible. Maybe it's me. If you have success, let me know.

6. For some reason, the word "wang" really made us laugh at lunch today. It made my whole day better.

7. There was a lady in Orem who just threw away $200,000 and didn't realize it until the garbage truck was at the landfill. She and her friend went there, and after saying a prayer, found the bag containing the money. I'm wondering if this whole "prayer" thing works even if you didn't chuck your two-hundred grand. If so, I "pray" for Jonathan Knight of the New Kids on the Block (or a guy from New England) to call, a lifetime supply of Diet Dr. Pepper and, oh fine, world peace. I'm guessing, though, these three things are not sitting in a landfill in Utah County. Click here for the story from KUTV News.

8. Mascara and luggage locks will actually cost you $50 in other impulse buys.

9. Because my airline of choice only lets passengers check one piece of luggage, I had to shell out for a new suitcase last night. Though extremely cute (see picture above), I now realize the charge for checking two smaller bags is less than the charge for a new large bag.

10. I'm feeling a little blah lately. Come see Rocky Horror on Saturday night, and buy me a shot. (Another shameless plug, click here for the post from earlier today.)


Jon said...

1. Easy solution. Don't work out!

2. You are lying to yourself

3. #'s 1 and 2 are connected to this one. Put a bit of weight on :)

4. ok

5. I have been vegetarian for over a year now, and I love it.

6. It is a funny word

7. Prayer only works when it works. Don't hear in the news very often someone saying, "Yeah I prayed to not get in a car crash this morning. Thanks for nothing God." Successful prayer gets a lot of play.

8. Is mascara that expensive?

9. I hate Delta

10. Sorry dude. We would be there if we were in town.

Holly said...

Thanks, Jon... you're always the voice of reason. :) I think you can "bread" tofu, just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Luggage locks are useless. If you have a TSA Approved lock, that means there's a plethora of master keys floating around out there. Of course, only the "good guys" (e.g. TSA agents) have those master keys...they would never find their way into the hands of unscrupulous baggage handlers. Or unscrupulous TSA agents, for that matter.

If your lock isn't TSA Approved, they'll just cut it off, leaving your bag no more secure than it would be if you didn't shell out $15 on the locks in the first place.

The only way you can securely pack your luggage is to travel with a handgun, in an approved gun case. By the TSA's own rules the gun case must be locked, and you must retain the key. Sure, you'll be subjected to additional security screening at the luggage check, but you can flying knowing that your valuables are locked in a case that only you can open.

vertical inhibitor said...

#4...I'm with you. I'm wondering when I'll be able to leave my fleece in the closet instead of snuggling up in it as my teeth chatter behind my desk...

I'll have to make a mental not to not bitch to hard when it hits 95 in another week or so.