Friday, June 06, 2008

At $4 a gallon...

I exaggerate. Gas isn't quite $4 a gallon; the gas I bought this morning was only $3.87. ONLY! I remember when I started driving, and had to gas up my mom's Ford Thunderbird. Gas was $1.25. On a bad week. My, how times have changed.

At 6:30 this morning I stopped to put gas in my vehicle and as the dollars ticked higher and higher, I felt something like a rain shower on top of my head. As I looked up, I noticed that a piece of the gas pump that connects the hose to the top of the unit was broken and gasoline was shooting out like a Bellagio fountain (sans the Andrea Bocelli soundtrack). There I stood, marinading in "Regular," mad that not only did I stink, but seeing all that gas pooling on the pavement was like flushing a wad of twenties down the toilet.

What's even worse, was that when I finally shut off the pump and hung up the nozzle, I went inside and told the lady, "Hey, your pump out there is broken and raining gas down onto people." She replied, "Oh yeah, I forgot to write that up the other day."

The other day?!?

I had just enough time to change my outfit this morning, but I probably wouldn't smell my hair until I can go home and wash it.


dolt said...

Have you considered wearing tops with, "Fire Hazard" printed on them?

Holly said...

Yeah, is it bad if I put the outfit in the washer and hot dryer?