Monday, August 06, 2007

Light at the End...

...of the tunnel?

This day started out like shit. I forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair, and after running around all day like a crazy girl, my whole head is threatening to turn into a giant dread lock.

My very expensive, eight-dollar Clinical Secret deodorant for extremely high-strung, sweaty girls doesn't seem to work. How anything you put on at night and then expect to last through the next morning's shower is supposed to work is beyond me. Eight-dollar deodorant?

The light seems to be the prospect of wearing a dog collar on stage and playing my saxophone in Rocky Horror 2007. Click on my name, see my picture, drool over it-- even with smelly deodorant and a head dread lock.


urban princess said...

Just remember you weren't alone in your shitty day; mine sucked too.

Another silver lining? We're not dumb like That Girl.

Holly said...

Today was better, thanks for making me laugh.

And we will NEVER have the dumb like That Girl.

J said...

Homer: "Mmmmmm... Saxamaphone"

;) Break a leg!


Holly said...

It's hot, Dolt. Hot.