Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Trifecta is Complete

In possibly one of the most brilliant moves of this week, this morning LA police have arrested Lindsay Lohan for another DUI, this time topped off with cocaine possession.

Now, dontcha' think if you had millions of Disney dollars in your savings account you'd spring for a cab after a hard night of partying? Not only would you save the $25,000 bail money, but you might also save yourself from facing a possible six-years in jail for felony drug possession.

Here's this girl who just turned 21 this month, who has already been in and out of rehab and is now facing hard time. Sweetheart, you've got many more years ahead of you to smoke and drink your way to the grave, why blow it all right now?


urban princess said...

I think LL's mugshot is my favorite. It's not nearly as calculated and has that "I'm so effed up" look. Awesome.

Holly said...

SO true! Paris is like, "I had time to do my makeup." Nicole's says, "I would SO do this again." LL is like, "whaaa the faaaa?"

urban princess said...

I wonder what mine would look like?