Thursday, November 09, 2006

Radio Rumor Boards

For those of you who live and die by all those lovely radio message boards, be advised that everything posted isn't necessarily true. I am speaking directly to my situation right now, and feel it is laughable to read what is being posted.

Can't a girl just deal with a family death and getting fired all in the same month in peace? It's hard to be sleeping in until four in the afternoon after binge drinking and doing lines of blow off of circus midgets when people are making my inbox ring with emails asking about some alleged "scandal." Okay, so I actually was up and at the gym extremely early today, and I've never done blow in my life, but if I'm involved in some kind of "scandal," then I want to certainly be scandalous!

To all of that, I quote Hamlet, "Get thee to a nunnery! Get thee to a nunnery!" It's like some people in the world are vicious rumor-sluts who can't seem to worry enough about themselves because they are overly-concerned about what's going on with people they don't even know. It's nearly Thanksgiving... why not channel some of that extra time and obviously pent-up energy by donating to the Food Bank or serving at the Road Home? Also, you're certainly "in the know" with what's going on with others, maybe you could use those Nancy Drew skills and locate missing children?


county politico said...

I'm sorry life sucks right now. I'm sure the only reason people are passing around rumors is because they are all trying to figure out why KSL was so stupid to get rid of you. Take it as a sign of affection. We all love you!

Holly said...

Thanks. Didn't think to look at it like that. Bright side is a bit daunting right now...

Anonymous said...

Holly - miss u much at SMG.
You were too talented for the show at KSL anyhoo. Bring that "radio hair" (remember!:-) and come back home.
Much adoration - Brandie

Anonymous said...

Holly, don't let anything get you down! You will find something great! Remember that bad things happen in 3's . . . and it's only going to get better from here!

Anonymous said...


Miss talking with you. Don't I still owe you a cup of coffee?



I am air talent in the SLC market like you, though we have never met. The board to which you refer is a total joke. The guy that runs it is a total pussy as he doesn't have the balls to put his name behind what he and others say.

A good friend of mine, "Shotgun Jackson", was recently maligned in a similar fashion over there. Funny thing is, I know what happened and the Utah Radio News Boards aren't even in the same time zone with their story.

Those guys over there sit around and criticize and spread rumors and look down on everyone. My guess is that they are all out of work and have been for years and are just bitter. They are like the middle aged men who, because they played HS football, think they know more than NFL coaches, quarterbacks and players. Pathetically humorous.

At my place of work we love to gather 'round the URN boards and have ourselves a good laugh at the truly bizarre and sincere rumors they post over there, as well as how absolutely ridiculous they are.

Again, what a bunch of pathetic pussies. Put your name behind your rumors, children.

BTW, Nightside sucks w/o you. Castner is not a good fit for this market. I liked him better doing news and traffic updates on KFI


PS- I never thought I'd see the day when the Mormon run KSL had a flaming gay man doing Entertainment updates! (No one tell "the Brethren", this will be our dirty little secret)

Go Karel! He is another KFI alum, was actually pretty good with his show, which I believe was with his partner. I forget his name.

See, Mormons love gays.

What a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is.......I saw you getting fired by KSL as soon as I heard you on the air there. You are not made to be on the radio. I totally knew you would not last there, or anywhere else. Even when you were with Tom Barbari you really brought his show down. Holly, it's time for you to pick a new career! And STAY OFF MY RADIO!

Holly said...

Feel better now, "anonymous?" Make you feel good to pick on a total stranger? You get out all that obviously pent-up aggression?

Take your own advice and stay off MY blog.

Anonymous said...

Why did they fire you? You made the show!