Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oxygen Spa Night

Jeff from the O2 Oxygen Spa in Salt Lake came in tonight and juiced us up. I chose "Serenity," a combination of lavendar and I believe eucalyptus. I feel mellow. I also would like a pizza, a bag of Doritos and maybe a Slim Jim...

...I am serene.

Try this stuff!!! The O2 Oxygen Spa it freaking rocks! They also have facials, massages and all kinds of things!


Anonymous said...

She looks nice with hoses up her nose.

Anonymous said...

Uh - try spell check!


Holly said...

Uh- I was all hopped up on the "Serenity" when I wrote this... no spell check here, the post is a direct product of the "Serenity."


goonhead said...

Hey, I found your blog once again and have listened to some of the Nightside shows through streaming audio. Great to hear you on the air again. I tried out that O2 Oxygen Spa in Sugarhouse right before I moved, I couldn't detect any positive effects (other than it smelled really good.)