Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Election Season Campaign

It's that time of year when we all try to be more socially aware and make voting choices which we hope will ultimately benefit all mankind... blah blah blah. It's like Christmas for issues-zealots, where we normally wouldn't get involved, but we do because it's "that time of year."

I would rather stick a hot letter opener into my nasal cavity than ever run for public office, which is good since my job is technically a conflict of interest. Still, I feel since it's "that time of year," I need to start some kind of campaign and my campaign is as follows:

'06 Campaign to Make McDreamy Single

Ah yes, Grey's Anatomy's Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. McDreamy, is going to be my personal plight for the season.

I was obsessed with Grey's Anatomy from the first time I saw it as a mid-season replacement on ABC 'lo just a year and a half ago. McDreamy's eyes... McDreamy's hair... the fact that McDreamy didn't roll in on a riding lawnmower a la "Can't Buy Me Love." But it wasn't until I set my VCR for the wrong time and missed last week's Season Three premiere and spent two days scouring the Internet and iTunes TV show store that I realized how sickly obsessed I was.

This season, let's Make McDreamy Single. I can't stand another season of unrequited love and untamed sexual tension between Meredith and McDreamy. I can't stand the fact that McDreamy keeps ripping out Meredith's skinny, little heart and doing the Mexican Hat Dance on it. I can't stand McDreamy's wife Addison who had to sneak her way back into his life after doing the Mexican Hat Dance on his heart.

It's the Ross and Rachel cycle of get together, introduce conflict, break up, pine away, get together, break up... you get the picture. Ross and Rachel finally got together after nine painful years and I simply won't stand to wait until I'm nearly 40 years old to finally see Meredith and McDreamy happy.

Now, I'm not sure what measures I must take in the campaign to Make McDreamy Single, I'll have to consult my political pals for direction. However, I can assure you that from now until the first Tuesday in November, I will have set out a course of action for all of you to jump on my bandwagon and Make McDreamy Single.

This has been a paid announcement by the friends of Make McDreamy Single and the twisted minds who are actually sad enough to care.


nateOne said...

I must say, you're radio-mates have some yucky songs on their iPods.