Monday, July 19, 2010

Caesar Cheese

Since starting my new job, I've learned that I have to leave the office to find lunch. I can't just walk down to the path and get a Beastro salad or even a frosty Diet Coke from the Coke machine. It's a little shell shocking.

Today I visited our fine friends at Quiznos Subs because they have chicken noodle soup and salads. Though they do have Pepsi products which is a bummer.

I ordered the Caesar salad, no dressing, tomatoes or onions. When the salad maker girl asked me if I would like cheese, I asked, "Um, what kind of cheese?"

Rather than replying with "shaved Parmesan" as is usual fare, she said, "Caesar cheese." Which to me sounds like something you'd contract from someone wearing a dirty toga.

Guess that's better than "Fromunda cheese."

Behold, Caesar cheese salad:

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Leaphart3 said...

It sort of looks like shaved cabbage. How was it?