Monday, June 28, 2010

Yeah, but still...

I just got done looking at an apartment because I think I'd maybe like to move to someplace new. I want a place that's light. I want a place that is maybe remodeled. I want a place that isn't drowning in wood paneling.

The guy showing the place told me that cats were allowed. I said, "I have a three-pound dog, he's very cat like." He replied, "No dogs, there's no yard." I said, "There's a whole school with a park across the street. I don't need a yard."

He says, "Well yeah, but dogs bark." I said, "Cats meow loudly." To which he replies, "Well yeah, but still."

Oh I see!! The old "Well yeah, but still" defense! Could you see that in a court of law?

"I didn't kill that guy officer."
"Yeah, you were standing by the body."
"I was just walking by and found him. That's why I called you."
"Well yeah, but still."

Makes sense to me!

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sara2delta said...

i will NEVER understand people who will let cats but not dogs. EVER. cats claw the carpet, and have pee odors that will NEVER come out (whereas dogs pee smell will). dogs are WAY better. especially little ones! its like having a fish! ok, a little more than that "but still..." ;)