Monday, April 03, 2006

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 04/03

Yeah, I'm back into blogging. I finally got all moved, I'm finally decorating the new place... I finally have some of my downstairs tiki bathroom put together.

Moving sucks. All my fingernails are gone and I have all these cuts all over my hands. Even though we're adults, why subject ourselves to those awful fake flesh-colored bandaids? NO THANK YOU!

I was lucky enough to find this week's girly girl pick, Pirate Bandaids. The only thing that would make them better would be if they came in pink. Nevertheless, they're black with white skulls and crossbones, AND they come with a free toy inside! And this toy is actually a good toy, not like the shitty toys now found inside Cracker Jacks-- a tiny black rubber duckie pencil topper.

Life is good.

I found mine at Got Beauty or if you don't like facing people, you can order online at But you should go to Got Beauty because the gals there are fantastic!!

AAaaaargh!!! Here's to the Crusty Pirate, matey!


sarahbellum said...

those are cute and all, but i'll stick to my hello kitty and barbie bandaids. the pink factor aids in the healing process.

Holly said...

I have Hello Kitty and Barbie too... neither of which come with a rubber duckie pencil-topper.