Monday, March 20, 2006

Girly Girl Pick of the Week for 03/20/06

As I move this weekend, I've been going through my bathroom and my life throwing out unwanted crap. But this Girly Girl Pick is something I couldn't part with a nearly empty bottle. I've got to use it until the very very end.

It's called "Re-Do" by Jonathan Product, and it's freaking fantastic. You know how you wash your hair and use too much product? This waters it down and makes your hair work again.

You know how you just have those days where you wake up and don't have time to wash your hair, but you really should? This allows you to squeeze in one more day of not washing without looking like a greasy guttermuffin.

It's also good for refreshing up your face, so you don't have to lump more powder on at the end of the day. PLUS the smell is fabulous!!!

AND it's available from our friends at Sephora.
From that site:
Revitalizing and conditioning Cucumber/Rose Essential Water refreshes slightly dirty, oily hair and vegetable enzyme neutralizes odors and leaves hair smelling clean. Natural extracts like white tea, almond, aloe, and pomegranate condition and add shine. Also can be used to refresh, hydrate, and condition skin. Product is 100 percent vegan and alcohol-free.

Jonathan on Redo: "A trick I learned from working on fashion shoots and runways - sometimes I just did not have time to wash and style models' dirty hair. So I mixed up my own botanical water infusion spray. It allowed me to rework and restyle sections of hair without shampooing and took away any stale odors. Soon the models were asking me for bottles of the "redo" and using it everywhere - on their skin - and anywhere including behind the scenes at fashion shows and even on airplane flights."

FYI, as soon as I get all moved, I'll have time and money to concentrate on planning a girly girl makeup day for y'all!!


Ami said...

Good, we've been waiting. Girly days are worth the wait.

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sarahbellum said...

moving sucks, but yay for girly girl make-up days!!!