Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've Got My Colin to Keep me Warm

Jock in the Box continued today, but for the first time this week, I wasn't cold! Since I'm totally against nature, I borrowed some snow outfit thing from a co-worker, and it's amazing how much nicer the day was! Not that I want to rush out and start snowboarding tomorrow or anything, but still, I was ambitious to go out and get my own warm pants in the event of another outdoor promotion.

In an attempt to then warm my soul, I decided to browse a little Colin Farrell this morning, hoping to find some information on the upcoming Miami Vice movie. Not much info there yet, as it's in pre-production, but I did find this tasty photo of Mr. Farrell himself. For some bonus Hollywood Sleaze I didn't talk about today, While in Miami with Jamie Foxx filming Miami Vice, Colin took time out from shooting practice (guns and such) at a remote Secret Service building to flirt with women from a neighboring Spanish language TV station. Sources say, "Girls were running across the street to stare at him."

Can you blame them?