Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gearing up

It's that time of year when I come off the Christmas/New Year's depression, into the inversion/cold weather melancholy, spiraling toward the Valentine's Day batshitcrazy. Maybe it's because I've spent day two sick on the couch watching a Bravo reality show marathon (yesterday was the Real Housewives of the OC, today was Top Chef), but I'm not feeling extremely optimistic.

I have learned that next year I will not get a flu shot if I'm just going to get sick anyway. But I digress...

Next month, we'll give in to yet another commercialized holiday by purchasing stuff meant for professing our love. I'm talking Valentine's Day, one of the lamest days of the year. I would prefer to tell loved ones that I feel strongly for them regardless of the time of year. Simply, just because it's Valentine's Day, doesn't mean that's the only time of year we should tell people we love them.

Still, what better way to say it than with a Conversation Heart? From this brief history of Conversation Hearts on, these candies started off as peppermint lozenges wrapped in printed foil and then eventually came to be the heart-shaped staple that we know and love. I feel the candy hearts are a little behind the times, so I have come up with some of my own Conversation Hearts for this century, courtesy of the ACME Heart Maker:

First off, here's a simple turn of phrase for the person who tells you they love you and then bails:

Next, this heart is for the gift that keeps on giving:

This heart is to show appreciation for the well-developed, by whichever means they become so impressive:

Finally, I couldn't resist making this heart for an SNL "Sean Connery" to give to "Alex Trebek":

This heart generator provided me with hours of fun as I tried out different combinations of phrases. Though you're only allotted two lines of four letters each, you can still come up with clever sayings. For instance, you could say that someone with a three-letter first name S-U-X. Or, you could put aside all the Valentine's Day cynicism and profess your affection for Kevin Rose:


Corbie said...

Tristan directed me to your blog...very funny.

Jared said...

A tribute to Zoolander:

As opposed to leaving, a tribute to a decade and a half separation:

A response I had to someone very recently:

Oh, and the big V-Day isn't all that bad, but I agree that it's silly we need a day singled out just to express our love.

vertical inhibitor said...

Good find - makes me want to order a big bag of SUCK IT heart shaped candy. Nice to see you posting again!

Holly B. said...

Corbie- Welcome! I'm funny 60% of the time!

Vert- I'll go in halves on a bag of SUCK IT hearts to hand out during the day!!

vertical inhibitor said...

Only if you come have drinks with me again someday....

Holly B. said...

Hell yeah! Every time I go drinking, I realize I don't have your number in my phone. Would you please send me a message on Facebook right now or email me and let me know what the hell it is?!?