Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random Images

Here are some random pictures taken from my phone while in the Long Beach airport, aka, "Satan's Butthole:"

This is the entire airport.

In case a flight breaks down, one of these available birds will take you and your luggage to the appropriate destination.

Right when you walk out the doors, your flight is waiting for you.

My toes look cute as I'm waiting.

This is a highly unfortunate bathing suit Urban Princess and I saw while at Old Navy this afternoon. This is not on an actual human. This is a print of an orchid-like flower that wraps around from back to front, however, I will refrain from expressing what we really called it.


1979 semi-finalist said...

I CANNOT believe that swimsuit actually made it to production!? Stop the insanity. How did not one person sit up and go, "um, I think this may be a problem..." CRAZY.

Mind Over Fatter said...

Nothing says "Drunken Spring Break" like pre-stained bikini bottoms. Perhaps someone at Old Navy thought they were creating "beach camoflauge".

Holly said...

Hey, if they're pre-stained you're half way there.